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The Sutherland Family

The Sutherland family

First they said it was global climate cooling and another ice-age was coming soon to planet Earth (1970’s).

Then they said it was global climate warming and all the ice on Earth will melt killing off all the lovely polar bears and their cute little cubs (1990’s).

Then they said, after data shows neither of these scenarios are plausible, that the Earth is undergoing a climate “change” (2000’s).

And now that this scare tactic isn’t working either they say that the Earth’s climate is being “disrupted”. (2010’s).

Folks, have you had enough of their political Bull Crap yet?

We ALL want a clean and vibrant climate to live in. But NONE of us appreciates being lied to, used, manipulated, scared, bullied and otherwise FORCED to believe in something that is simply a lie. Fact: Water vapor is a much bigger climate changer than is carbon dioxide. Fact: the Earth’s climate will ALWAYS change, naturally, as the sun gets hotter and cooler during its cyclical cycles, from ice-ages to our more modern-day warmer climate. Fact: climate fears and false data are being used against us as a way for large global powers (via the United Nations) to tax governments and people into their submission. It’s simply wrong.